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Vibration Monitoring Services

Vibrations are created by a wide range of sources including construction projects, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and mining operations. Of particular importance is the safeguard of historic structures. Generally, any structure which is or located within a National Register or within a lateral under development or a designated New historic district is in need of monitoring for the potential damage caused by vibrations. Monitoring these vibrations can be very useful for a variety of reasons. Pulsations affect surrounding equipment, affect the stability of soil in the area, and can have a negative impact on structures both above and in the vicinity of the vibrations. Often, local code enforcement agencies will require that vibrations be monitored around construction projects so as not to create a potentially dangerous condition.

Structures are particularly vulnerable to the hazard of vibrations. Heavy construction equipment, pile driving operations, SOE, jackhammers and heavy equipment traffic can all destabilize soil and construction progress over the course of a project. Vibration monitoring services are useful tools to determine if construction vibrations have affected the integrity of foundations, soil, or construction components throughout the build process.

Vibration monitoring can be an important part of a predictive maintenance program for commercial operations. These types of services are also vital in ensuring public safety as well as the safety of construction workers on site. The team of experts at Concrete Solutions has years of experience in performing vibration monitoring in the New York City and Long Island areas. Whether a commercial project or a commercial operation that could benefit from vibration monitoring services, consider the certified technicians at Concrete Solutions for reliable, accurate vibration monitoring. Call us today at (631) 393-6520 or fill out our contact form to request more information.