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Progress Inspections

Most municipalities now require progress inspections on a variety of construction projects. The purpose of these inspections is to verify that the construction in progress meets the provisions of the approved and submitted drawings. Generally, progress inspectors are not required to consult the Energy Code, therefore, the inspections must be thoroughly detailed in the construction plans, and the contractor clearly instructed in the drawings to allocate time for these progress inspections in the various stages of the construction process.

Contractors are under considerable pressure from a scheduling perspective and pre-arranging progress inspections in NYC can help keep a project meeting its timing milestones. It is very important to vet the credentials of any progress inspectors for each building component they are certifying as well as to verify the appropriate inspector’s licensing to perform these inspections. Without these two main factors, the progress inspection is insufficient. Securing a properly licensed inspection agency, preferably one associated with a testing lab alleviates one more potential pitfall of the entire construction project.

The experienced team at Concrete Solutions can be a one-stop-shop for progress inspections in NYC. Our complete staff of engineers and construction professionals are accredited in a broad variety of construction inspections in New York City. Dependable, flexible, and offering the services of a licensed construction material lab makes Concrete Solutions an obvious choice in assisting with progress inspections throughout NYC.