Selecting the right inspection firm is instrumental in avoiding delays in large construction projects. The team of professionals at Concrete Solutions has years of experience and subsequent accreditation to perform a wide range of special inspection certifications. Coupled with a licensed laboratory, you can expect efficient concrete testing certifications throughout New York City and Long Island.

Some of our Certifications include:

  • NYCDOB Concrete Testing and Mix Designs (No.96)
  • NYCDOB Special Inspection Agency (SIA No. 5344)
  • A2LA Accredited (Assessment No. 3785)
  • AASHTO Accredited

Along with being licensed in New York City to perform the most common progress inspections, our seasoned team of experts are also certified to perform a variety of special inspection certifications.  You are invited to contact the inspection experts at Concrete Solutions for all of the necessary concrete testing certifications on your next project.